It all started with the phrase "Good news, everyone!"

With the cancellation of Punk In Drublic, Pittsburgh and no news of a Camp Anarchy 2020, we that worried we wouldn't get the chance for another 

family gathering. Unity is everything and we love being together with fellow punk rockers. We also love loud music, camping, swap meets, 

campfires, and all that good stuff. Our passion for the punk community mixed in with our versatile skills fueled this to operation; and with months of hard work and dedication, we proudly bring you Camp Punksylvania. 

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Meet the punks behind Camp.

Bree Myers


Bree Myers is the co-founder of Punksylvania, a Pennsylvania-based punk rock collective. Bree handles the logistics department of Camp Punksylvania and oversees operations.

Laura Ratcliffe


Laura Ratcliffe runs a successful small business in Central New York and has a passion for punk rock and art. Laura handles all activities, finances, merchandise, and web design for Camp Punksylvania. 

Terry-Ann Smith


Terry-Ann is a procedure writer and works in production on the side in Ontario, Canada. Terry-Ann handles 

the promotional department of Camp Punksylvania and also contributes to the logistics & financial teams.

Derick Reid 

Entertainment/ Booking

Derick is the CEO and founder of Some Die Nameless, a DIY Ohio Valley & Pittsburgh based event promotions company. Derick handles event booking and scheduling.

Dustin Riley

Travel & Accommodations 

Dustin currently manages a successful retail shop and has a lifelong passion for skate punk. Dustin coordinates all travel and accommodations.

Marcus Crawford


Marcus is the owner of Crawfo Productions and drummer of Rocky Dennis Face. Marcus will be handling all media for Camp Punksylvania.

Jessy Reynolds

Meal Organization

Jessy is from Virginia and has a love for ska-punk and singing part time in a cover band. Jessy coordinates all meal plans.

Jimmy Minarchick

Camping Organization 

Jimmy co-hosts his own podcast, The Jimmy n Todd Show and also plays in a punk cover band. Jimmy coordinates all camping necessities and arrangements.

Angela Newton

Children's Activities

Angela is a supermom to a couple beautiful children and will be coordinating all children's activities, camping and more.